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    Animation References

    January 13, 2015 by The Sqoou
    Zoetrope noun - a 19th-century optical toy consisting of a cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that, when viewed through slits with the cylinder rotating, give an impression of continuous motion.

    Here is an example of Walt Disney showing us the basics of this process.

    Here is the modern evolved equivalent. It uses sculptures and strobe lights.

    It's the same as animation on flat media but viewable across more dimensions. The effect works at multiple frame rates and is best viewed in person.

    As an upc…

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  • The Sqoou

    Potential Plots Lists

    January 11, 2015 by The Sqoou

    Characters wind up with opposite their ususal character traits and have to work together to overcome obstacles to get things back to normal.

    Snelson finds a rocket pack when bad guys stash it from the fuz (or bug like fuzz word) bug gangsters, cops or FBI with sillier bug name  make a short appearance at the beginning and end.

    Bug cops are "the Buzz" maybe. They can be any bug, but their badge resembles a beehive. What would bug crooks be ?

    Snelson goes full vigilante in the likeness of his favorite something hero. There's room fkr character development when Snelson doesn't want to give it back right away when character B makes a moral case.

    Maybe have him overwhelmed near the climax, and his friends (even though he kept the secret from them)…

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