Bugtropolis Wiki

This is an episode guide of the upcoming American animated web series Bugtropolis.

Shorts (Q1 2015)

# Title Written by Directed by Air date Overview Production status Production code
1 Picturama ScrapDoodle
ACO December 5, 2014 (30-second animatic, sneak peak)
March 2015 (tentative)
Snelson decides to take a picture with the bugs, much to Antonio and Webster's dismay. animation 723J-701
2 Pass-'er-by ScrapDoodle TBA Q1-Q2 2015 During a rainstorm, the bugs seek shelter in a human house. writing 723J-703
3 Scary Movie Sparkarez, ScrapDoodle TBA Q1-Q2 2015 Snelson must help Antonio rid of his nightmares after seeing a scary movie. development 723J-705
4 The Perfect Flower ScrapDoodle TBA Q1-Q2 2015 Phoebee attempts to find the perfect flower to impress her disapproving boss. development 723J-704
5 Spun a Web ScrapDoodle TBA Q1-Q2 2015 Webster accidentally gets caught in his own web. development 723J-706
6 Mailsnail ScrapDoodle ACO Q1-Q2 2015 Snelson recounts the time he got fired from his former job as a mail bug. voicing 723J-702

Season 1 (2015?)

A season 1 of Bugtropolis has been ordered.