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Opposite Day

Characters wind up with opposite their ususal character traits and have to work together to overcome obstacles to get things back to normal.

Rocket Snail

Snelson finds a rocket pack when bad guys stash it from the fuz (or bug like fuzz word) bug gangsters, cops or FBI with sillier bug name  make a short appearance at the beginning and end.

Bug cops are "the Buzz" maybe. They can be any bug, but their badge resembles a beehive. What would bug crooks be ?

Snelson goes full vigilante in the likeness of his favorite something hero. There's room fkr character development when Snelson doesn't want to give it back right away when character B makes a moral case.

Maybe have him overwhelmed near the climax, and his friends (even though he kept the secret from them) jump in with their own super costumes and they all save the day together.

Maybe shoe horn in Ant Man references due to the upcoming new Marvel franchise.

Make obvious references to The Rocketeer. Lkme "How anout Snailketeer" by the press guy in the news room or chief fuzz and have it seem ridiculous.

The Incredible Shrinking Bugs or Honey I Shrunk the Bugs

Bug, but even smaller than bugs !!! You get the idea... Maybe even shrink something big down to bug size. Would a bug sized cat or Elephant work in the show? Or maybe a dog sized bug temporarily.

After all sorts of chaos, character development and problem resolution bug character A becomes human sized flr a few seconds and sees the greater truths of the world or whatever. All we see in frame is their astounded, funny facial expression with something like the seting sun for lighting. Infer they saw a neighborhood or something shocking yet terrifying to a bug.

And bug A never spoke of thing again... Something like that for effect and end tag joke. Room for another Ant Man MARVEL reference.

Someone draw a caricature Bugtropolis version of Stan Lee.

Captain Cameo lol

Does the human world exist or interact in Bugtropolis Universe?

I like the bug theme where humans are mostly just big shoes and wind sounds to the characters.


like sentience and cents combined

Gravity falls inspired colorful electricities have varrying effects on various objects, like green army men or frozen water like Olaf or Frosty the Snow man

Reference Toy Story movies and Gravity Falls pinball episode.